Rod Heller

Breakout Session: Rod Heller, 3 Pillars of Smart Lighting

Presented by Rodney Heller, LC, CLEP 

3 Pillars of Smart Lighting

This seminar covers the process of installing energy efficient lighting to maximize energy savings, dramatically reduce greenhouse gases, and the project makes sense to the CFO. It begins with the basics: Task, Technology, and Controls.

Task - Adjust the lighting to the task taking place under the lights.

Technology - Use the most efficient technology, not just lamps and ballasts, but also the fixture or lens itself.

Controls - How are you going to turn it on & off? Does it make sense to install sensors everywhere? What about an energy efficiency program? How do we tie it into a building automation system?

Follow Rodney's rules and it is easy to achieve 60 to 80% energy savings on a lighting upgrade.