Todd Lohenry

Breakout Session: Todd Lohenry, Better Business Development Through Technology

For a lot of people, technology is a foreign language. By education, I am a foreign language teacher. During my lifetime I have studied German, French, Russian, Croatian, and a little Norwegian. I am fascinated by language and culture and the ability to communicate on a global basis. Today I am a technology Sherpa that teaches Google Apps, business blogging, Facebook, Twitter and other "foreign technology languages and cultures" help people make sense of it all.

Ultimately, I think the single most important question about these tools is this: if I drink the Kool-Aid, how do I add these new activities to my overflowing plate and still get home for supper? Believe me, as a father of six, there are few things more important to me than getting home for supper! You may also be interested to know that I live in a 100-year-old farmhouse in rural Wisconsin and my primary connection to the Internet is a cellular modem. I use all of these tools and workflow to be effective. And I help others to know what works simply, fast, and best...