IFMA represents the most connected community of facility managers in the industry, and our community grows stronger each year.

As a member of IFMA, you have access to benefits, contacts, resources and opportunities, all geared toward strengthening your knowledge, skills and confidence. IFMA is dedicated to supporting you throughout your career. The entire Association-from Headquarters to individual members-is ready to help you grow, both personally and professionally.

Joining IFMA can be handled quickly and easily online. Click here to access IFMA's website for more information or for the online application.

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Membership Benefits

How does membership in IFMA benefit me?

  • Exposure to a multitude of resources
  • Increased opportunities to broaden skills and knowledge in all FM-related areas
  • Networking with professionals locally and globally
  • Access to IFMA research reports, publications and conferences
  • Opportunities to grow both personally and professionally
  • FM-targeted resource of career opportunities

How does membership in IFMA benefit my company?

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in its facility management team
  • Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses through benchmarking studies
  • Reduced liability risks by keeping staff informed of important issues and legislation affecting the workplace
  • Access to state-of-the-art, cost-effective product and service solutions to meet your diverse workplace needs

Members have access to:

  • A valuable network of professional contacts
  • IFMA Professional Development, the preeminent source for gathering core knowledge, addressing critical issues and attaining professional credentials throughout all stages of your career
  • Competency-based, self-study, online and audio courses
  • Leadership development
  • Professional certification through IFMA's Certified Facility Manager (CFM) program, a measure of proficiency for competent facility managers and an industry standard
  • Facility Management Professional (FMP) designation, achieved by following a professional development "Career Path"
  • Recognized facility management degree programs
  • Discounts on seminars, events and merchandise
  • IFMA Council listservs
  • Chapter and council meetings, events and activities
  • World Workplace Conference and Expo, a world-class gathering of practitioners, companies, students and educators seeking education, information and interaction
  • Recognition for professional achievements through IFMA's Awards of Excellence program
  • Member Resource Center
  • IFMA Web site
  • Online job referral service
  • Online Membership Directory
  • Online Buyer's Directory
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Legal and regulatory reports
  • Facility Management Journal
  • IFMA News
  • IFMA Insider
  • Publications, research reports and conference proceedings 

Types of Membership

Professional Member

Professional Membership is open to facility practitioners and educators, whose primary responsibilities are to provide, oversee, or teach one (or more) Facility Management core competency. Core competencies and examples:

  • Communications (technology, integration, knowledge management)
  • Finance (with regard to real estate and facilities: analyzing, accounting, forecasting, budgeting, tax auditing and controlling)
  • Human and Environmental Factors (environmental, health and safety, workplace dynamics, teamwork, interpersonal behaviors, ergonomics)
  • Leadership & Management (code compliance, telecommunications, purchasing, security, food service, reprographics, building services, transportation, furnishings and equipment inventory, maintenance, and outsourcing management)
  • Operations and Maintenance (physical plant, preventative maintenance, conservation, energy management systems)
  • Planning and Project Management (strategic, tactical and annual facility planning; new construction and/or renovation; interior space planning and design; workplace specifications, installation and space management; architecture and/or engineering projects)
  • Quality Assessment and Innovation (international standards organization, standards, facility audits and total quality management)
  • Real Estate (acquisitions, financials, negotiations and/or disposal)
  • Technology (development, implementation and maintenance of Information Technology (IT) systems)

Associate Member

Associate membership is open to individuals whose primary responsibilities include: business development; sales and/or marketing as a consultant; representation of a manufacturer, vendor, dealer, distributor; and/or provider of facility-related products and services.
No more than two representatives in the Associate classification from any organization may belong to any one chapter at a time.

Student Member

Student membership is open to candidates who are engaged in full-time study at an accredited college or university. At such time as the member is no longer engaged in full-time study, he or she shall be reclassified to the appropriate membership category. Verification of full-time student status may be required.

Retired Member

Retired membership is open to members in good standing upon their permanent retirement from full-time facility management practice, business development, sales, and/or marketing. Should a retired member return to full-time employment as either a practitioner or in business development, sales, and/or marketing position, he or she shall be reclassified to the appropriate membership category.